TOP Tips To Clean Your Dog

Tips To Clean Your Dog

If you prefer to clean your dog yourself rather than entrusting it to a professional, you will have to be very careful. Indeed, a professional is a person who has received training to be able to exercise.


You will have to take some precautions, especially if you choose to trim your pet yourself.

How to wash your dog ?

  • For the bath to be a good time for you and your dog, you have to get him/her used to it very early.
  • You should not wash your dog too often. Do it only if his fur is dirty or if it smells bad. A frequency of a bath every 2 or 3 months seems correct. Don’t wash it more frequently because a dog’s hair is full of vitamins that your animal ingests by licking them.
  • Whether bathing or mowing, remember to gather all the accessories you need, it will be more comfortable for you. Don’t let your pet take advantage a moment of inattention to save himself while he is still wet.
  • You can wash your dog in a bathtub or in a basin large enough to accommodate him. Fill your container with warm water, it is necessary that the legs of your dog are almost completely immersed. If you do not have a bathtub or a basin, the shower will do the trick.
  • Before bathing your faithful companion, untangle his hair with a brush because the water tightens the knots.
  • You should wash your dog with a shampoo that is suitable for him: there are some for short or long hairs, for sensitive skin …
  • Do not wash your dog’s ears and eyes with water. Prefer physiological saline solution for the eyes and a product adapted for the ears.
  • After bathing, brush your dog.
  • Dry your dog with a towel. Avoid the hair dryer that could burn it or use a hair dryer that is suitable for dogs.
  • If you decide to cut the claws of your dog’s paws, be very careful and use a dog claw cutter. Do not cut the pink part. If you have any doubt, contact a professional who will not charge you much for this action.

Black Dog

How to trim your dog?

  • Place your dog on a table, it will be more convenient and less painful for your back.
  • Make sure your four-legged friend does not move.
  • Use a professional trimmer.
  • Make your dog hear the noise of the lawn mower so that he is not frightened.
  • Use the same cutting head so that the hair is the same length all over the body.
  • To begin, it is better to go slowly to avoid hurting your pet.
  • For some places, prefer scissors for more precision.
  • Some areas are more sensitive than others, so you have to be very careful. These are the small skins between the legs and the belly of the dog, the teats of the female dog.
  • Trim the hair in parallel strips and in the direction of hair growth. Always go to the end of your movements so that the mowing is very harmonious.

The hairs that hinder the sight of your pet are to eliminate, so be careful not to hurt him. Just cut the excess of hair under the pads so as not to hamper their contact with the ground. It is a very sensitive place since there is a tendon in the center of the pads.

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