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Boston Dynamics: The robot Atlas knows how to play parkour

Atlas can play Parkour…

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics (a subsidiary of SoftBank) has recently passed another phase in its evolution: it knows how to play parkour.

In recent a video broadcast, we can see the famous humanoid robot climb obstacles with such an incredible ease that would put in difficulty the many human athletes. It is difficult to remain indifferent to this metal being who passes the obstacles as if they were not on his way.

Endless Possibilities

The prospects for the future of robots are endless. This is not the first time that Boston Dynamics exposes its humanoid robot Atlas in a video. In November 2017, we could already observe him doing backflips.

Almost a year later, the American company in making the headlings.

It unveils a video where you can see the biped robot run, step over a trunk and jump on several steps with impressive fluidity.


The days when Atlas was hit by its designers seem so far away.

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