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Fun Facts About Cats

Amazing Facts About Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

Cats ? They are everywhere around us but … do we know them well?

There are things we think we know and others so unusual that they would almost make us fall backwards. And if you want to amaze your loved ones, here are some facts about cats that most of us don’t know!

Cat hiding

Cats are born with blue eyes

As for Caucasian newborns, kittens are born with blue eyes. The reason for that is the production of melanin that begins only after birth.

Cats are not the only animals to purr

Indeed, squirrels, lemurs, gorillas, raccoons and even elephants also purr.

Cats are nyctalopes but do not see closely

There is no big word here: felines simply see in the dark. On the other hand, anything closer than 30 centimeters to their faces is barely distinguishable for them.

Male cats are left-handed, female cats are right-handed

It is a study conducted by the University of Belfast that has reached to this conclusion: as in humans, male cats are more left-handed.

Cats hunt for fun

Regardless of being domesticated, the feline cats have kept their natural instinct! A study conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States has indeed shown that they often hunt for pleasure: they eat only one third of the body of their prey.

Cats teach you how to hunt

When they bring you back mice and other half living creatures, it is to teach you to hunt as they have learned with their mum.

Cats have a limited sense of taste

As with all animals, sugar is not necessarily good for cats. Moreover, like their cousins ‚Äč‚Äčtigers and cheetahs, they do not have the genes that could allow them to perceive the taste of sugar. No need to give it to them … especially when you know they have a preference for everything that is acidic or salty!

Cats can have up to 28 fingers

At the front, cats have two legs of four fingers and a lug each. At the back, two legs of four fingers. But in some cases, cats are struck by a genetic mutation called hyperdactyly or polydactyly and therefore have up to seven fingers on each leg!

That’s one of the strangest facts about cats !

Cats talk to you for real

Ringtones, meows, little gifts … it’s their way of telling you how much they love you! It is up to you to understand them.

The urine of cats can revealed in black light

Cat pee is not only fragrant. Far from there ! It is also rich in phosphorus which starts to shine in yellowish green in the presence of oxygen. The black light gives it more energy to identify traces of urine even after cleaning.

Lifespan of cats

Like humans, cats live older nowadays than in the past. Since the 1930s, their life expectancy has doubled, from 8 to 16 years on average.

Allergy to cats

Who has not heard that? Contrary to popular belief, you are not allergic to cat hair, saliva or urine. What actually causes allergy is sebum, a fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the cat. More interestingly, someone who is allergic to one cat may not be allergic to another. Although there is no (yet) way to predict which cat is more likely than another to cause allergic reactions, studies have shown that males have larger amounts of allergens than females. A castrated male, however, releases less sebum than an uncastraded one

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