Easy Tips To Know The Sex Of Your Cat

Easy Tips To Know The Sex Of Your Cat

The diagnosis is not always easy when one is not used to it. Many owners only discover the truth when they bring the kitten to the vet!

The following easy tips will help you make the difference and avoid baptizing your cat with a gender inaproppriate name …

To properly examine your cat, lift his tail (politely and gently) and look at him from behind. In both sexes, the anus is just under the tail, but then, many things are different.



In a female, the anus and the urinary orifice draw a semicolon. In a cat, there is an elongated vulvar cleft, which is just below the anus. The urinary orifice is obviously located inside the vulva. The distance between the anus and the vulva is about 0.5 cm in a female kitten and no more than 1 cm in an adult cat. The two holes draw approximately a semicolon!


The cat’s fur may also give an indication: for genetic reasons, a tricolor fur (combining white, black and ginger) usually belongs to a female. In cat breeding, we speak of calico cats. It is the same for individuals called tortoiseshell cats, whose fur combines a dark color (black or brown) with red patches.


In a kitten, if the distance between the anus and the urinary orifice exceeds 1cm, it is a male. In a male cat, the distance between the anus and the urinary orifice (located at the end of the penis) is greater than in a female: about 1.2 cm in a kitten and 2.5 cm in an adult cat.

The urinary orifice of the male cat is also rounder than that of the female. The two orifices thus draw two superimposed points. The scrotum (containing the testicles, if the cat is not sterilized) is between the anus and the penis. But in a kitten or a neutered cat, the scrotum is sometimes not very visible because it is small. Its size is sometimes equivalent to that of a cherry core!

ginger cat

In addition, the scrotum is covered with fur and in long-haired cats it is concealed in the fur. It becomes more visible when you moisten the hair.


  • Do not rely on teats to tell the difference between a male and a female! In both sexes, cats have four pairs of breasts: two pairs of breasts and two pairs of breasts. A pair of supernumerary udders is sometimes seen in the inguinal region, but they are usually not functional. It is only at the very end of gestation and during lactation that the breasts of a cat increase in volume, allowing to identify that it is indeed a female. All kittens have at least four pairs of breasts, regardless of gender.
  •  At puberty, urinary marking can be performed by both males and females. This behavior usually disappears when a cat is sterilized very early.

Before examining the genitals of a cat, take a few precautions. If it is an adult cat, this violation of his privacy may displease him and he will let you know quickly! As a precaution, put on gloves before handling it and have someone assist you to keep it motionless.

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